NameFM WhatsApp
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last versionv9.11
 Size51 MB
 DeveloperFouad Mokdad
FM Whatsapp APK [2022] Download Latest version

Are you one of those who want to overcome the limitations of WhatsApp?

Wanna Go with a more secure option?

Let’s Come On a journey with Fm Whatsapp where we will tell you about a great alternative.

Messaging is about Connecting with the other person via chats. Nowadays, we have so many apps where we can connect with people. Especially, if you are an introvert, you will always prefer to go with the chatting option instead of being in a voice call or say video call.

Billions of people use Whatsapp messenger globally and they face many problems about the security, status and even sometimes the server creates the issue. It is indeed a good platform to exchange messages as we can say by the number of users it has. But still, there are many features which it lacks especially for the youth.

People are approaching mods because they see the drawbacks of the original app.

fm whatsapp apk download

So here we are with one of the amazing Mods with you, FmWhatsapp. We also call it Fouad WhatsApp. It was developed by Fouad Mokdad to overcome the restrictions on WhatsApp’s original app.

If you are looking for switching to one of the WhatsApp mods then the Fm Whatsapp mod will be one of the best options for you.

Reason for the diversion towards the FmWhatsapp Mods

People are approaching more towards the Mods apk Download options, As currently, we see when we work on the original app. Then we face many problems related to security, status, and image qualities. Mods are created to rectify these limitations. Mods Developers always keep all the limitations in their minds and develop these applications. Fm Whatsapp is one of them. So let’s move to Fm Whatsapp.

What is FM Whatsapp?

Fm Whatsapp Mod was developed by Fouad Mokdad to Bring out the best for the new Youth. It is the more enhanced version of the original app with the best useful integrated features.

If you want to download the Fm Whatsapp latest version you can download it from here

The best Features Of FM Whatsapp

  • Hide Both Bluetick and delivered tick

Do you want to hide your blue ticks and deliver ticks, want to continue your chat without letting people know that you are online, Then you are exactly at the right place Fm Whatsapp Allows you to Hide it and chat as much as you want to with your selected number of people?
fm whatsapp apps

  • Emojis Bundles to download

Fm Whatsapp New Version 2022 has some great features and it makes sure that you are interacting with engaging more. It provides you with some incredible bundles of Emoji’s which you can download and use in your chatting. It gives you a smoothing user experience.

  • Chats can be Protected

Fm Whatsapp allows you to hide your chats with encrypted and protected passwords. The best security feature that an app should have. Even if you want to hide your chats from your friends and family it will help you to maintain your privacy.

  • Display of Blueticks when You reply

Suppose that you don’t want to reply to every individual in your chatbox, FM WhatsApp provides you that feature, which is you can avoid the chats and only reply to the people you want.

  • Hide Whatsapp status View

Do you want to see the status of other people? without letting them know that you have seen it. Then you can do it with FM WhatsApp Watch the status whenever you want to.

fm whatsapp latest version download

  • Start chatting Without saving the contact

Generally, we don’t save numbers when we talk to someone initially, until and unless they will become our good friends. As a result, you can start chatting directly with the people on messenger without saving their number.

  • Hide Typing Actions

Fmwahtsapp enables you to hide your typing actions when you write a message on WhatsApp or record something. You can write longer letters without thinking that they will see your typing actions.

  • Enabled Security with Disabled Forwarding

You can Disable the forward tags from the settings options this way your messages cant be forwarded to other people. This is one of the most important and secure features of FM Whatsapp.

  • Create Your list to allow calls

What if you don’t want specific people to call on your number or WhatsApp number then you can change that in your settings using Fm Whatsapp.

fm whatsapp old version

  • Boon of watching Deleted Stories

Stories on almost many apps are deleted after 24 hours but for the FM WhatsApp user, there is the advantage of watching the stories even when the people delete them after uploading.

  • Keep an eye On Deleted Messages

Many times People text you and then they delete their messages, you can see those messages on FM WhatsApp.

  • Better theme and Appearance

You can Customize your experience on the Fm Whatsapp by the change in themes and appearance. It contains a predefined set of themes you can choose from them

  • Use two accounts on a single device

You can use two whats app numbers on a single device using Fm Whatsapp this way you can manage your business and personal works separately.

FM Whatsapp Versions

Quickly download it and if you are facing some issues in downloading the app. You can use the following steps to download the app.

fm whatsapp


  • Uninstall all other apps related to WhatsApp

  • Click here to download the app FM Whatsapp APK

  • Save Your Apk file

  • Go to settings options then click on security and allow the installation of the app from unknown sources.

  • Now you can easily download the Fm whats app from the Fm Whatsapp apk file, just click on install.

  • After downloading add your number and enjoy using the Amazing features.

We concluded that having the mods options can be the best for us FM Whatsapp provides us with an excellent user experience with more encrypted secure features. Go and download it quickly to explore the best features!!!!!!!!!